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Louisiana CE:Marijuana in Real Estate

Marijuana in Real Estate

2.0 Total hours
2.0 Elective hours
0.0 Mandatory hours

Marijuana: not a topic you might have ever thought you’d see in connection with your real estate career. But no matter where you stand on the legalization issue (and trust us: we've heard from both sides), the issue can impact your clients, whether you're working with buyers, sellers, tenants, or landlords in the residential and/or commercial real estate market. It impacts purchasing, leasing, selling, and financing real estate.

Course Highlights:

  • Trends in marijuana law 
  • The conflict between federal and state marijuana laws 
  • The environmental and legal impact of marijuana cultivation on a property
  • Issues related to marijuana use, employment, and production in property management, seller and buyer representation, and financing
  • Marijuanan issues related to commercial properties, condominiums, and HOAs
  • Activities and examples to enable real-world application of presented material